Journey to birth Coco Milou Caul Baby, Our Epic Masterpiece

12 months ago my newly pregnant friend Natalia showed me a fusion video of stills and motion. She had a wonderful idea. She wanted to entrust me with capturing her whole pregnancy and birth journey, the end result a fusion video of stills and motion. I knew I could deliver on the stills however I had never turned the video function on, on my camera. The thought of documenting her pregnancy and birth using this medium was really daunting. There’s nothing quite like having someone else believing in your skills more than what you believe in yourself, so I set about rising to the challenge and teaching myself video and editing skills. I used my kids and a month long trip down to Tasmania as a platform to learn. It was fabulous having a project to work on. It forced me to push myself above and beyond.

Upon my return Natalia and I caught up. We mapped out our vision for this masterpiece, both of us throwing out different creative ideas on how we could best capture her journey. We both love nature and wanted to weave the beauty of our surroundings into her pregnancy journey. We envisioned using the changing seasons to reflect the changing pregnant form. The ebb and flow of life captured as one unique journey through time. It was also my aim to make this masterpiece a reflection of Natalia. I had photographed her first birth becoming friends in the process so I was already ahead in knowing what makes her tick. A love of water and nature, diverse travel to all corners of the globe and a beautiful Aboriginal spirituality plays a huge roll in her life. I wanted to showcase these things, highlighting the mind blowing role that we as mothers contribute to the miracle of life. 

12 shoots later and this is what we achieved. Along the way I changed the name from ‘Masterpiece’ to the ‘Epic Masterpiece’ it consumed my whole existence for a while there. I couldn’t have scripted Coco’s birth better, what an incredible birth and what a way to top off our project.

Natalia, you already know how inspiring you are to me. Thank you for seeing greatness in me to capture this for you. I loved every last minute of capturing  your journey, doing weird and wonderful things to create this everlasting record of such a beautiful time in your life.

As of January 2015 I will be offering one ‘Journey To BIrth’ package per month. This package includes a brainstorming creative concept building session, a minimum of 5 pregnancy shoots, the birth of your babe and a minimum of 1 newborn shoot, a fusion video and keepsake photobook. Please contact me to discuss your needs and for a quote.