Silver at APPA

It is with an incredible amount of pride that I share with you my silver awarded image from the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) this past weekend. This is one of the most powerful, raw and decisive momentsI have ever had the honour of capturing. It tells a story of a woman and what she can accomplish encircled by the support of her Mother, Husband, Daughter and Midwife, their arms all outstretched welcoming new life. All of those arms lead down to this precious babe who is making direct eye contact with the viewer. Her face mimicking the expression of her mother. I love the clip in the hair of the child, normalising the presence of a child at a birth. I love the tattoo on the Midwives arm letting us know that she is so incredibly passionate about her calling that she has had it permanently emblazened on her arm. You can also see the caul that the babe has just broken through on the bottom of the pool.

This is the first time I have ever entered and it has been incredibly humbling for a self taught photographer who has used only her passion and heart to accomplish this milestone. Unfortunately the printing standard of my image saw it marked down with one of the judges saying ‘lets put it this way, if the printing was awesome I would be up near gold”. That being said I am reminded of the birth of my four children. Life is not about the destination, it is about the wisdom and knowledge that one gains along the way. 

Recently my energy has been spent nourishing our precious new babe and enjoying my babymoon. This season too will end when I can once again throw my energies back into my photography. Already, I am looking forward to APPA 2015. 

A heartfelt thanks to this beautiful family for gifting me permission to share this incredible moment xx